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Our Partners

The Community Foundation of South Georgia partners with several private foundations to assist them with their charitable endeavors. We are able to assist private foundations in many ways. Whether we receive a private foundation’s entire assets and roll that into a donor-advised fund or just receive their annual 5% distribution to invest, we can serve them, their family and their charitable organizations.

Any private foundation that has given through us sees the value of a relationship. A fund at the Community Foundation allows for greater tax deductibility for gifts of stock, life insurance, gift annuities, real estate and deductibility at a greater adjusted gross income level than gifts to private foundations.

The advantages of a donor advised fund vs. a private foundation are many. Click the link below to view a chart comparing the benefits and deductibility of a Donor Advised Fund over a Private Foundation.

Please contact us for more information about establishing a Donor Advised Fund from your private foundation or rolling your private foundation into a Donor Advised Fund. 

Our Partners


Our Partners

Private Foundations

Our Partners


“The beauty of being part of the Community Foundation of South Georgia is the permanent opportunity to help generous folks make a difference in our region.”

-Alston Watt