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What We Do

We help donors invest in the charities and causes they care about most while working with nonprofits and professional advisors to assist their clients. 

What We Do

For over 20 years, the Community Foundation of South Georgia has had the responsibility of managing millions of dollars of charitable assets, making grants and providing support to nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations and public agencies, all for the purpose of improving life in South Georgia.

Whether you are a donor, a nonprofit organization or a professional advisor, we are here to serve you!  We work with donors to manage their charitable funds, inform them of community needs and match them with giving opportunities.  We support nonprofit organizations through endowment building and grant opportunities.  We help professional advisors assist their clients in creating a charitable giving plan that is right for them.

Our goal is to encourage community initiatives and partnerships and build awareness of the importance of philanthropy.  To find out more about what we can do for you, visit the links below.

We Connect 

What We Do
What We Do
What We Do

With Giving Opportunities

Our Constituencies

We Serve Three Important Groups: Donors, Nonprofits and Professional Advisors

Our Donors

We build relationships with our donors and help them invest in the charities and causes they care about most while meeting their charitable objectives with maximum impact and maximum tax savings.

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how we help our charitable donors


Nonprofit Organizations 

We partner with nonprofit organizations by helping them establish, maintain and build endowment funds that will provide for their long term organizational needs.


Professional Advisors 

We provide guidance for professional advisors as they seek out the most advantageous avenues for their clients\’ asset portfolios to maximize their gift while minimizing their tax liabilities.

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