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We partner with nonprofit organizations by helping them establish, maintain and build endowment funds that will provide for their long term organizational needs.

Supporting Nonprofits

The Community Foundation of South Georgia believes that strong nonprofit organizations play an integral role in the vibrancy and health of our community.  We are committed to helping these organizations become more successful.  We not only provide a vehicle for endowment building and administer grant cycles, but also facilitate connections, collaborations and learning opportunities to help local nonprofits achieve greater efficiency and sustainability. 

Services We Offer:

  • The Community Foundation serves as the perfect vehicle to establish and grow your nonprofit endowment fund with.  Endowment funds receive the benefit of pooled resources to help your organization generate income and grow over time.

What Is A Nonprofit Endowment Fund?

A nonprofit endowment fund provides an additional source of stable income to the nonprofit organization that created it.  Often, endowment funds are established by nonprofits for the purpose of building them over time, allowing future generations to experience the increased benefits derived from a larger fund.  Earnings can be used annually to help support the programs, operations and unexpected expenses of that organization.  

As with our other funds, the Community Foundation manages the fund, performing all investment, administrative, reporting and accounting functions. We are also here to help nonprofits develop a responsible spend policy so that the organization receives an annual distribution.  To learn more about establishing an endowment fund for your nonprofit organization, contact Claire Bowen, Donor Services Manager. 

Current Grant Opportunities

Find out more about how you or your nonprofit organization can apply

$30,000 awarded annually

South Georgia Legacy Fund

The South Georgia Legacy Fund is the Community Foundation of South Georgia’s unrestricted fund created to support the ever-changing needs of our communities.  Annually, this fund awards $30,000 to nonprofits across CFSGA’s service area with grants ranging from $1,000 to $5,000.  

south ga legacy fund-community foundation
public education funds-community foundation

Awarded over $340,000

Public Education Funds 

Each year, the Community Foundation of South Georgia accepts applications from teachers who are employed in Thomasville City and Thomas County, Brooks County and Grady County Public School districts interested in funding projects and activities for their classrooms not covered by normal school budgets.  

Our Endowment Partners

Check out our list of over 40 of the nonprofit organizations who have an Endowment Fund with us.

Online Resources

We\’ve gathered a list of nonprofit resources.