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Public Education Funds

Each Fall, the Community Foundation of South Georgia accepts applications from teachers who are employed in Brooks County, Thomas County and Thomasville City Public School districts.  Grants are for up to $500 and are awarded annually to support Spring classroom projects.    

The goal of these funds is to:

  • Encourage quality educational projects & activities not funded through normal
    school budget.
  • Generate community recognition of the need for and the benefit of the excellent public
  • Serve as a catalyst for public/private partnerships which benefit education.

2023-2024 Mini-Grant Applications

This Grant Cycle is Currently Closed 

2023-2024 Recipients will be announced soon!

2022-2023 Public Education

Mini-Grant Recipients

Community Public Education Fund for Thomasville City and Thomas County School Systems

Katheryn Bostick – Cross Creek Elementary School 

Regina Mitchell – Cross Creek Elementary School 

Jessica Duncan – Garrison Pilcher Elementary School 

Suzanne Fullington – Jerger Elementary School 

Stephanie Windon – The Renaissance Center 

Mary Cook – Scott Elementary School 

Elizabeth Copps – Scott Elementary School 

Stephanie Sharp – Scott Elementary School 

Kelly Arno – Thomas County Central High School 

Bethany Hayes – Thomas County Central High School 

Justin Quigg – Thomas County Central High School 

Erin White – Thomas County Central High School 

Jackie Anderson – Thomas County Middle School 

Sarah Connery – Thomasville High School 

Charles Gammel – Thomasville Scholars Academy 

Matt Kirkley – Thomasville Scholars Academy

Robert Warde Chambers Public Education Fund for Brooks County School System

Jamie Brown – Brooks County High School 

bridgette Culpepper – Brooks County Board Of Education 

David Giddens – Brooks County Middle School 

Megan Goodin – Brooks County Middle School 

Lee Hadley – Brooks County Middle School 

Christine Hiers – Brooks County Middle School 

Asha Kelly – Early Learning Center 

Michael Mink – North Brooks Elementary School 

Ella Mobley – Broooks County High School 

Kayla Toler – North Brooks Elementary School 

Angie Tillman – Quitman Elementary School


Grady County Public Education Endowment Fund and Richard & Teresa VanLandingham Maxi Grant

Brady Benson – Cairo High School 

Brittney Heard – Shiver Elementary School 

Ashley Maxwell – Whigham Elementary School 

Carly Mobley – Southside elementary School