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Corporate Giving Program

  • You can promote your corporate name through giving.
  • You can establish a fund in your company’s name.
  • You can gain community recognition as a company that gives back to its consumers.
  • You can involve managers, employees or others in the grant selection process.
  • You can donate cash or other business assets to fund your fund.
  • Contributions are tax deductible, and you can make additional donations at any time. Making larger donations in more profitable years helps reduce your dependence on annual cash flow to sustain corporate giving levels.
  • You can decide which requests for support to fulfill and recommend those grant recipients.
  • The Community Foundation handles all administrative paperwork, legal and audit fees and correspondence with grant recipients.
  • Our efficient administration of your giving program means more of your charitable resources are directed into the community.
  • The investment of your fund ensures that your fund is growing between grants.
  • Gifts of closely-held stock create the same tax advantages as gifts of other assets: immediate charitable deduction, reduction of estate taxes and avoidance of capital gains.
  • Making a gift of stock rather than of dividends allows you to avoid taxes at both the corporate and shareholder levels. That means more of your stock’s value can be directed to your charitable goals.



Private Foundations



“The beauty of being part of the Community Foundation of South Georgia is the permanent opportunity to help generous folks make a difference in our region.”

-Alston Watt