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Anonymous Giving

Anonymous Funds

The Community Foundation is honored to serve the various philanthropic interests of a family that desires to take care of the needs of their community without the need for notoriety or recognition. Several years ago, this family started multiple funds that would encompass so much of what the Community Foundation of South Georgia is able to do for those who wish to give charitably. They discovered a vehicle for regular giving through their donor advised funds, an endowment for a charity that they are passionate about, a scholarship to assist individuals in pursuing education, and legacy and estate planning for future generations of their family. With the ability to prioritize and plan their giving, this family has been able to make their giving intentional, impactful, and flexible for decades to come.

With a prior generation who set a strong foundation for reaching out and giving, the current generation learned what a joy it was to give and found that what the Community Foundation offered them is a way to do so easily and even anonymously. CFSGA gives them the ability to express their affinity for education, spreading the gospel, helping those less fortunate and addressing community needs as they arise. One family member explained, “The Community Foundation has been a great resource for our family in helping us give more to make a difference in the lives of others and we’re excited about being able to do more in the long term.”